What is it

what is it inside of me that you open

when broken remnants are covered in dust
how is it that you even see in there
when the light bulb broke long ago
you speak to me of a rainbow soul
yet the prism was lost in the dark 
what is it inside of me that you open
with a simple turn of the page
what is it inside of me that you read
that I’m so willing to engage
if it is my heart you read
turn the pages ever so slowly
let it be your favorite book
& gift it to yourself
as I give myself to you

He’s Just a Boy

It was much later in life
that he realized that little boy
followed him everywhere he went
maybe that’s why he was never
responsible making
the adult decisions
he followed him everywhere
maybe it’s why he kept stumbling
on the wrong side of the tracks
was anybody there to turn off the light
was anybody there to turn it on
a mothers’ affection
on a rainy day was a golden egg
and missing when the sun shone
too many times he cried alone
and he just kept following him
his token comfort blanket in bed
as he sleeps
sometimes with the lights on
he’s just a boy
and he carries him on his shoulders
because they both still need…